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Mystic Tanning Spa Huntington Beach Photo
  Mystic Tanning Spa, 501 Main # B Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Call: (714) 374-5555

Mystic Tanning Spa is located in downtown Huntington Beach on the fifth block of Main Street. Mystic Tanning include four tanning beds and booths (at time of publication), all in private settings with satellite music to fit your mood and an iced aromatherapy towel after your tan. Open daily, the office hours make a visit before or after work possible in most cases.  The Spa offers a satisfaction guarantee on your tanning experience, as well.

Tropical - More powerful conventional tanning system, emitting less UVB (4.5%) and cutting session time (20~30 minutes with most beds) down to only 15 minutes. Frosted acrylics for an even tan with no "striping". For those not wanting to tan their face, facial lamps may be shut off. 2~3 sessions per week is recommended to maintain your tan.

Sun Board - Worlds only 4-sided high pressure tanning system. UVA intensive tanning for a very bronze color with little or no reddening. State of the art air-shower bathes your body with cool air throughout tanning session. The bed surrounds you with soft blue lights and emits less than 1% UVB  rays for a deeper, darker, longer-lasting tan. This bed stays very cool throughout your your tanning session and is  perfect for the tanner who does not like being too hot or who has feelings of claustrophobia. This bed requires 3 sessions to establish your tan and only 2-3 sessions per month (yes, per month) thereafter to maintain your tan.

S-Class - 57 lamps 12 minute maximum tanning time. Canopy: 30 160w Cosmedico VHR' lamps. Lounge: 20 160w Cosmedico VHR' lamps. Facials: 3 1000w Heraeus plug-in. Facials: 2 400w Heraeus plus clip-in. Shoulder Tanners: 2 400w Heraeus plus clip-in. Spellbinding illumination; enigmatic iridescent Montego Blue. Soft, Misty Breeze through the session. Easy-to-reach, user-friendly controls. Aroma throughout'fragrances formulated for relaxation.

Mystic - With the push of a button, the session begins. A fine mist of Aloe Vera enriched sunless tanning solution is sprayed over your entire body. Without lights this proprietary sunless tanning solution instantly transforms into a quick natural looking tan that continues to darken throughout the day.