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Lamb Park, Huntington Beach, CA

Address: Lamb Park 10151 Yorktown Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA  2.598 acres

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIF.-- Located next to the former Huntington Beach Union High School District complex, Lamb Park is a big field that serves the neighborhood surrounding it with streets named for Hawaiian places. One of our favorite street names nearby is a name that everyone will recognize--Christmas Lane.

Shown in the photos are the park with a scattered shade trees, some odd cement patches that may have served a particular use during the days that the buildings were a school at one time, and goal posts and cages ideal for several types of sports such as baseball, soccer, and football. The fields are popular with youth teams offering a great place to practice and to play games. While the park is not officially listed on many mapping services, the City of Huntington Beach designates it as Lamb Park.

Nearby parks you'll also enjoy in surrounding neighborhoods include Arevalos Park and Bushard Park.