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Huntington Beach, California parks

There are approximately 70 parks in the public park system in Huntington Beach offering mostly green lawn areas, picnic tables, children's playgrounds with the newest Playworld Systems safe equipment that usually includes stations with ladders and slides and a separate swing set in soft, cushioned material or a sand pit. Most swing sets (not all) have baby swings and regular belt swings for children and adults. Some of the parks have basketball courts, volleyball courts and a few have tennis and racquetball courts and clubhouse facilities. Also included in the public park system are three skate parks, an historic Newland House grounds and barn facility rental, wedding and event function facilities and the huge cornerstone of the park system, Central Park with over 350 acres of facilities that include a disc golf course, equestrian center, lakes, restaurants, library, dog park, nature center, outdoor amphitheater, indoor theater, meeting rooms, library, summer adventure playground and more!

While most parks offer picnic tables, the majority do not include grills on site. We were told by a park official that you may bring your own grill but for safety, should never place it on a table or near group sports activities and near children's play areas where it would endanger children. Restroom facilities are not available unless mentioned.

  • Arevalos Park near Adams and Brookhurst sits between private Pegasus School and Santa Ana River

  • Baca Park across the street from Huntington Beach Sports Complex on Ellis near Golden West Street includes walking trails, a basketball court, children's playground and picnic tables

  • Bailey Park near Palm Street is located on Island Bay in Seacliff neighborhood. It includes a large lawn, several picnic tables and room for games and walking the dog.

  • Banning / Magnolia

  • Bartlett Park near Beach Boulevard and Adams Avenue is Huntington Beach's most rustic park, located behind Newland House

  • Bolsa View Park near the Bolsa Chica wetlands and Talbert and Springdale streets includes a sand volleyball court, playground, basketball court and picnic tables

  • Bushard Park near Yorktown and Brookhurst features a beautiful brick gazebo

  • Burke Park is a small park next to Sowers Middle School

  • Central Park (Huntington Central Park) includes over 350 acres of entertainment and sports with horseback rental, a lake with ducks, dog park, hiking, bicycling, picnics, HB Disc Golf Course, HB Sports Comlex, Central Library and Cultural Center, Huntington Beach Playhouse, Playworld Systems playgrounds and exercise course, Shipley Nature Center, Alice's Breakfast in the Park (pet friendly) and Park Bench Cafe (pet friendly)

  • Chris Carr Park near Springdale and Heil includes a small manmade lake, picnic tables & playground

  • Circle View Park near Edinger and Edwards has a softball field and playground equipment

  • City Gym and Pool on Palm at 16th Street, 6 blocks from beach is indoor facility

  • Clegg-Stacey Park is a 3 acre park located to Clegg-Stacey Middle School.

  • College View Park near Edinger and Golden West includes shaded playgrounds and picnic tables

  • Conrad Park on Trinidad Island near Edinger is a lush greenbelt with benches

  • Davenport Beach (park) is located at the entrance to Davenport Island 4031 Davenport Drive. It is .462 acres.

  • Discovery Well Park on Summit Drive near Garfield and Golden West streets includes a beautiful beach-themed playground with a sand claw toy and colorful kiddie animal bounce rides, playground equipment, picnic tables, basketball court and a large field for soccer, La Crosse and other sports play

  • Drew Park near Beach Blvd. and Adams Ave. features both sand and grass volleyball courts

  • Eader Park is located near Magnolia Street and Banning Avenue next to Banning Library, and includes a large playground, picnic tables in shade and soccer fields

  • Edison Community Park & Community Center on Magnolia Street near Hamilton includes lighted tennis, baseball, racquetball and basketball courts, group picnic rentals, playgrounds, community center with pool tables, games, classes and rentals

  • Farquhar Park at Main and Lake streets is one of the most romantic parks in HB

  • Finley Park in Seacliff near Golden West and Palm streets includes a green field and park bench

  • Franklin Park near Springdale and Westminster Blvd. in northernmost Huntington Beach is a great little neighborhood park

  • French Park on Trinidad near Edinger in Huntington Harbour includes a playground, beach & restrooms

  • Glen View Park near Golden West and Edinger features a playground, swings and soccer fields

  • Greer Park Lake View lake side near McFadden and Golden West streets has 3 picnic tables

  • Gibbs Park in Summerlane between Warner and Heil near Graham Street includes a playground, cement patio with picnic tables and field connecting to Gibbs Butterfly Park (see below)

  • Gibbs (Norma Brandell Gibbs) Sims Grove Butterfly Park on Graham Street across from Meadowlark Golf Club features a eucalyptus grove and a tiled butterfly mural

  • Gisler Park between Brookhurst & Bushard in south Huntington Beach is a long, thin linear park under power lines, towers, and microwave cells. It has a playground.

  • Golden View Park near Slater and Edwards streets next to Golden View School and Farm is a little bit of country in the middle of the city

  • Harbour View Park and Club House on Saybrook near Heil includes two tennis courts, a jungle gym with slides, cement patio with picnic tables and club house for rent (no restroom facilities, except for Club House rental guests)

  • Harriett M. Wieder Regional Park on Seapoint near Garfield, part of Orange County Parks overlooks the wetlands, ocean and eventually should connect to Central Park

  • Hawes Park near Adams and Brookhurst includes soccer practice fields and playgrounds

  • Haven View Park in the Huntington Harbour area near Edinger and Bolsa Chica Street includes a very large field, playground and amphitheater

  • Helme Park near Beach and Ellis is named for one of Huntington Beach's first mayors, includes a playground, basketball court, picnic tables and lush, green fields

  • Hope View Park near Slater and Edwards streets includes a playground and soccer fields utilized for league and team play

  • Huntington Beach Skate Park on Main near Yorktown features banks, ledges, rails, and a curb

  • Huntington Beach Sports Complex is a state-of-the-art facility for sporting events and functions

  • Huntington Central Park includes an equestrian center, library, theater, disc golf course, sports complex, lake, dog park, two restaurants, amphitheater, cement band stand, picnic facilities and barbeque grills, nature center, fountains, hiking trails and more. (restroom facilities)

  • Huntington Beach Wetlands Talbert Marsh

  • Irby Park near Heil and Golden West includes an 11-acre field, playground with slides, swings and several picnic tables

  • Lake Park is located on Main, 11th, 12th and Lake Streets and includes playgrounds, picnic facilities and clubhouse rental

  • Lamb Park on Yorktown between Brookhurst and Ward. Once was a school site, and also former district offices for Huntington Beach Union High School District.

  • Langenbeck Park on Magnolia and Garfield is a runner's paradise

  • Le Bard Park on Craimer near Brookhurst and Adams is adjacent to Santa Ana River bikeway and includes tennis courts, playgrounds and baseball fields

  • Les Prince Park features a small greenbelt overlooking Huntington Harbour on Trinidad Island

  • Manning Park on Detroit and Delaware include a swing set, slides, picnic tables and basketball court

  • Marina Park on Graham Street near Edinger is located next to the playing fields of Marina High School. It includes baseball diamonds/bleacher seating, covered picnic facility, tennis, handball, playground & fields (restroom facilities)

  • Marine View Park near Graham and Warner includes a playground near Marine View Middle School

  • McCallen Park next to the Boys and Girls Clubs near Yorktown and Beach Blvd. includes a large playing field

  • Moffett Park is located near Indianapolis and Magnolia in the Landmark housing tract. the park is adjacent to Moffett Elementary School.

  • Murdy Park Picnic near Golden West and Warner includes photos & information for covered picnic facility with 4 grills, 4 sinks with cold running water (restroom facilities)

  • Murdy Park Skate Park overlooking Golden West Street near Warner Avenue offers tennis & basketball courts, baseball diamonds/bleacher seating, playing fields, skate park, horseshoes,  meeting rooms/pool tables, playgrounds (restroom facilities)

  • Newland Barn located behind Newland House Museum near Beach Boulevard and Adams Avenue is available for rent for weddings, parties, anniversaries and other events and function. See photos and information.

  • Newland Park next to Newland School is near Adams and Magnolia

  • Overlook Park at Garfield and Seapoint is a great place to watch sunsets

  • Pattinson Park  near Palm and Golden West St. across from Seacliff Estates includes beautiful brick treatments in a playground and patio area with a basketball court, fields for play and a paved parking lot

  • Percy (Earl D. Percy) Marine Park near Warner Avenue and Pacific Coast Highway includes a public boat dock for two hour docking of vessels and fishing

  • Perry Park near Garfield and Beach Boulevard features playgrounds, swings and soccer fields

  • Peter Green Park at Promenade near Garfield & Main is ideal for toddlers, but also features a tennis court, sand volleyball court, basketball court and sheltered picnic area

  • Schroeder Park near McFadden and Edwards is a small park connecting to large soccer fields and playgrounds of Schroeder Elementary School

  • Seabridge Park near the end of Edinger Ave. overlooks Huntington Harbour and includes a small sand beach for launching kayaks, picnic tables and playgrounds (restroom facilities)

  • Seeley Park near Brookhurst & Banning is tucked into the neighborhood. Playground, swings, one basketball hoop, picnic tables, benches, no restrooms.

  • Sowers Park on Indianapolis near Sowers Middle School includes two play stations and swings

  • Sun View Park near Edinger and Beach features a playground and several picnic tables near ball fields

  • Sunset Aquatic Regional Park at the end of Edinger has a public launch ramp, picnic tables and views

  • Talbert Park on Magnolia Street includes a playground next to Talbert Middle School

  • Tarbox Park located on Gilbert Island, the community park has swings, playground, grass lawn, bench, no restrooms

  • Tennis Court Park Locations & Phone

  • Terry Park near Beach and Ellis close to 5 Points Plaza shopping includes a playground, field, basketball court and picnic tables and benches

  • Trinidad Park on Trinidad Island is a bayside park with a small beach (no lifeguard)

  • Village View Park near Edinger and Bolsa Chica has one of Huntington Beach's best gym complexes

  • Wardlow Park at Magnolia near Adams is also next to Boys & Girls Clubs

  • Wieder Park in Huntington Harbour near Heil and Bolsa Chica streets includes a playground, picnic tables and a basketball court

  • Worthy Community Park near Main and 17th Streets includes soccer, softball, racquetball, basketball, playgrounds, swings and picnic tables

The City of Huntington Beach (California) is the caretaker and steward of the Huntington Beach public park system. Two departments involved with Huntington Beach parks are the Community Services Department and Park Maintenance. Park Maintenance is responsible for maintaining approximately 67 parks and public facilities, totaling 598 acres, 169 playground apparatus and irrigation systems. 


Park Maintenance is also an integral component in special events in the City, closely working with Community Services to set up for events and activities that take place on or near park facilities. Community Services not only handles the rental of the park facilities but also operates programs for the public that include softball leagues, exercise classes, cooking, dancing and other types of interesting and fun things to do. For more information on park maintenance call (714) 536-5480.  For information on park facilities or to make a reservation call Community Services at (714) 536-5486 or the phone numbers provided on the featured parks pages below that include  information and photos of Huntington Beach parks compiled through our research, not affiliated with the City of Huntington Beach.





Huntington Central Park


Golden West St. & Talbert Ave.
Harbor View Park


Heil Avenue and Saybrook Lane
Lake Park


12th Street and Main Street
Lake View Park


Zeider Lane
Alevalos Park


Shalom Drive
Bartlett Park


Coldwater Lane
Bolsa View Park


5741 Brighton Drive
Burke Park


Queens Park Lane and Netherway Drive
Carr Park


Springdale Street and Heil Drive
Bushard Park


Havenhurst Lane
Circle View Park


Priscilla Drive and Willet Lane
Clegg-Stacey Park


Larchwood Drive and Edgeview Lane
City Gym & Pool   1600 Palm Avenue
Call: (714) 960-8884.
College View Park


Edgemont Drive and Redlands Lane
Eader Park


Banning Avenue
Edison Community Park   21377 Magnolia Street 
Call: 714-960-8870
Farquhar Park


12th Street and Crest Avenue
Franklin Park


Sands Drive
Eugene B French Park


Aquarius Drive and Trinidad Lane
Earl D. Percy Marine Park   Warner Avenue near Pacific Coast Highway
Gibbs Butterfly Park   Graham Street between Warner & Heil
Gisler Park


Brookhurst Street
Glen View Park


Glen Drive and Sweetbriar Lane
Golden View Park


Wrenfield Drive and Cobra Lane
Greer Park


McFadden Avenue
Harbour View Club House   16600 Saybrook Lane
Call: (714) 536-5486
Haven View Park


Edinger Avenue and Waikiki Lane
Hawes Park


Verdant Drive and Everglades Lane
Helme Park


Chapel Lane
Hope View Park


Armada Drive
Irby Park


Marilyn Drive and Dale Vista Lane
Lake Park Club House & Picnics   Lake Street between 11th & 12th Streets Call: (714) 536-5486
Lambert Park


Newland Street
Lark View Park


Summerdale Drive and Fraser Lane
Le Bard Park


Lavonne Lane
Manning Park


California Street and Detroit Avenue
Marine View Park


Frans Lane
Moffett Park


Meander Lane and Charford Drive
Murdy Community Center & Park   7000 Norma Drive
Call: (714) 960-8895
Newland Barn   19822 Beach Blvd. Call: (714) 536-5486
Oak View Park


Nichols Street
Oak View Center Park


Nichols Street
Perry Park


Deauville Drive
Pleasant View Park


Landau Lane
Robinwood Park


McFadden Avenue
Schroeder Park


Cornell Drive
Seabridge Park   Countess Avenue
Sowers Park


Indianapolis Avenue
Sun View Park


7721 Juliette Low
Talbert Park


Magnolia Street
Terry Park


Huntington Street and Taylor Drive
Wardlow Park


Pioneer and Magnolia
Wieder Park


16660 Lynn Street
Worthy Community Park


North 17th and Main Streets
Huntington Beach Wetlands (Talbert Marsh)


Corner of Brookhurst Street and Pacific Coast Hwy