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DOWNTOWN HUNTINGTON BEACH Directory of Services, Shops, Restaurants

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Shop till you drop in downtown Huntington Beach, the trend-setting mecca of surfing fashion and beach wear you buy all times of year. Huntington Beach downtown stores sell swimsuits, shorts, t-shirts, sandals, and all the attire that people come to Surf City to acquire. The weather is great all times of year, so shopping for beach gear and clothing is ideal in the downtown shopping area that runs along Main Street and 5th Street at the Strand.

Real Estate and Realtors in Downtown Huntington Beach

Altera Real Estate 301 Main St. Suite #112  (714) 489-2400

Huntington Beach Realty  (and Surf Museum) 322 Main (714) 960- 8541 

Sail Properties 315 3rd St. Suite D (714) 960-4441