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Huntington Beach Surf WalkingTour

Welcome to Huntington Beach, one of California's Surf Cities. Traveling the state of California, our staff can testify that there are many fantastic surfing locations and communities not to be ignored for their amazing surf culture, waves and passion for the sport. San Diego, Encinitas, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Newport Beach, Hermosa Beach, Malibu, Ventura, Carpinteria, Santa Barbara, Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz are a few of those places. In Huntington Beach, surf culture is really a part of every day life for many who surf. They may walk past the statues and tributes without ever thinking about them.

As children, they may take a surf lesson from a parent or go to surf camp as young as age 4 or 5. As they grow in the educational system, they can compete in school surfing teams under the direction of world class surfers who have children of their own or simply want to share the techniques and traditions as coaches. Like soccer, baseball, basketball and other sports, there are competitions with the top surfers moving faster in the ranks till they qualify for the bigger contests.

In Huntington Beach you'll surfboards out the back of cars, on racks, on bikes, in arms and just about everyplace you go. Barefoot and wet, you'll see girls and guys, women and men walking along in wetsuits carrying boards in hand.

But for those who do notice this phenomenon and who marvel at the culture, history, legends of the sport and the surfers today who are out on the ocean riding the waves, here's a map to guide you through an easy 1-hour tour of surfing.  You can begin by visiting a Surfing Museum. It's the only International Surfing Museum, they say. Next, look at and photograph several statues created by a famous surfer and sculptor, Edmond Shumpert. Then place your feet and hands in the etched cement shapes made by legendary surfers honored at the Surfers' Hall of Fame. Finally walk out to the Huntington Beach Pier for a bird's eye view of surfers who carve their paths through the waves.

Seeing expert surfers in Huntington Beach is an amazing experience. They can take a small wave and turn the ride into an amazing ballet or water dance, so it appears. You need to relax and wait patiently as they wait on their surfboards below for the waves to come.  After you've completed this journey, you may find the excursion compelling and decide to try surfing. 

     Legend:  1  square =  0.1 mile X  0.1 mile  (approximate)
1 International Surfing Museum, 411 Olive 
Open: 12pm -5 pm, Wed-Sun 
2 Surfing  Museum in Huntington Beach Realty  322 Main Street,  Open: Business Hours   Free
3 Surfers' Hall of Fame near Huntington Surf & Sport 300 Pacific Coast Highway (at Main Street) Free
4 Surfing Walk of Fame near Jack's Surfboards
Main & Pacific Coast Highway
5 Huntington Beach Pier - Watch surfing End of Main Street at PCH, Open:  5 a.m. to Midnight. Free
6 Ultimate Challenge Statue, Pacific Coast Highway at Huntington Street Free