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Huntington Beach, California Paved Cement Path


Huntington Beach, California is known not only for its great roads but also for the well-maintained 8.5 mile cement path that runs parallel to Pacific Coast Highway. Located on the ocean side of the highway, this path sees thousands of bicyclists, joggers and walkers on a daily basis. The scenic paved path some prefer to call a promenade, boardwalk or road stretches from Sunset Beach through Huntington Beach (for a combined 9.3 miles) and through Newport Peninsula (nearly 3 miles). It is possible to get a 12 mile workout one direction or 24 miles total. For the distance workouts, you can take the underpass that connects to the Santa Ana River Trail near the bridge beyond Brookhurst Street. That trail goes all the way through Orange County to Yorba Linda and Featherly Park for an estimated additional 32 miles one direction.

Bicyclists and roller bladers share the paved Huntington Beach path with pedestrian traffic.  Be aware and ride defensively as you will find people and pets crossing the path.  State law requires children riding bicycles in public to wear helmets for protection. Bicycle lanes are often provided on city streets; cyclists must travel the same direction as traffic, obeying vehicle rules and regulations.  Speed limits along beachfront paths in Huntington Beach are enforced. 714-960-8811 

Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) buses are public buses connecting this section of Huntington Beach with all of Orange County and even Long Beach to the north and San Diego to the south. There are several bus stops along the paved path route in Huntington Beach with buses offering bicycle racks. For OCTA routes and times, there are posted signs at bus locations that include the Warner Avenue and Pacific Coast Highway turn around area near Jack in the Box restaurant.  You can also call OCTA at 714.636.RIDE.

Proceed with caution due to slippery conditions from wind blown sand and wet spots. Also observe posted speed limits, especially in Newport Beach where enforcement of posted signs is particularly noticeable  in the months of April through September. 

Paved paths stretch along the beach near Pacific Coast Highway beginning in the North at Sunset Beach C2 and extending south to Newport Beach E4.

Rentals of bikes, tandems and roller blades are available at many concessions along the way. Zack's Beach Concessions offers a variety of bicycles to rent on an hourly basis.