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Huntington Beach Bird List 

Huntington Beach Bird List for Bird Watching in Central Park and Bolsa Chica Wetlands includes seasonal appearance and seasonal abundance of bitterns, egrets, herons, ibises, blackbirds, orioles and other birds observed in the Huntington Beach, California parks, beaches and wetlands.

Appearance Sp   Spring Su   Summer Fa    Fall Wi  Winter
March- June- September- December-
May August November February
Abundance a = abundant acc = accidental c = common o = occasional r = rare u = uncommon

..     ..
____  American Bittern r r r r      ____   Bobolink acc
____  Least Bittern acc     ____  Red-Winged Blackbird a a a a
____  Great Blue Heron u u u u     ____  Tricolored Blackbird c c c c
____  Great Egret u u u u     ____  Western Meadowlark c c c c
____  Snowy Egret u u u u     ____  Yellow-headed Blackbird o o o
____  Cattle Egret r r r     ____  Brewer's Blackbird a a a a
____  Green Heron c c c c     ____  Great-tailed Grackle c c c c
____  Black-crowned Night Heron c c c c     ____  Brown-headed Cowbird a a a a
____  White-faced Ibis r     ____  Orchard Oriole acc
    ____  Hooded Oriole c c u
CHICKADEES/BUSHTITS/     ____  Baltimore Oriole acc
NUTHATCHERS/CREEPERS     ____  Bullock's Oriole c c u o
. .
Mountain Chickadee acc     CUCKOOS
Bushtit a a a a     ____   Yellow-billed cuckoo  acc
Red-breasted Nuthatch o o ..
White-breasted Nuthatch acc     FLYCATCHERS
Brown Creeper o o ..
..     ____  Olive-sided Flycatcher r r
FINCHES     ____  Greater Pewee acc
..     ____  Western Wood-pewee c c
____  Purple Finch acc     ____  Eastern Wood-pewee acc
____  House Finch a a a a     ____  Willow Flycatcher o o
____  Red Crossbill acc     ____  Least Flycatcher acc
____  Pine Siskin o     ____  Hammond's Flycatcher  o o
____  Lesser Goldfinch c c c c     ____ Dusky Flycatcher r
____  Lawrence's Goldfinch acc     ____ Gray Flycatcher r
____  Ameican Goldfinch  c u c c     ____ Pacific Slope Flycatcher c c
..     ____ Black Phoebe c c c c
GEESE/DUCKS     ____ Eastern Phoebe acc
,,,     ____ Say's Phoebe u u u
____  Gr. White-fronted Goose acc     ____ Ash-throated Flycatcher c c
____  Snow Goose o o     ____ Sulfur-bellied flycatcher acc
____  Ross" Goose acc     ____ Tropical Kingbird acc
____  Brant acc     ____ Cassin's Kingbird r r r r
____  Canada Goose o o     ____  Western Kingbird c u o
____  Wood Duck r r r     ____  Eastern Kingbird acc
____  Green-winged Teal c u c ..
____  Mallard a a a a     GULLS/TERNS/SKIMMERS
____  Northern Pintail c u c ...
____  Blue-winged Teal u r u     ____  Bonapart's Gull c r c c
____  Cinnamon Teal c u c     ____  Mew Gull c c c
____  Northern Shoveler a c a     ____  Ring-billed Gull a a a a
____  Gadwall o o     ____  California Gull a a a a
____  Eurasian Wigeon r r     ____  Herring Gull o o u
____  American Wigeon a c a     ____  Thayer's Gull r r
____  Canvasback o o     ____  Western Gull a a a a
____  Redhead o o     ____  Glaucous-winged Gull o o u
____  Ring-necked Duck r r     ____  Caspian Tern c c c u
____  Greater Scaup acc     ____  Elegant Tern  u u u
____  Lesser Scaup o o     ____  Common Tern acc
____  Common Goldeneye r r     ____  Forster's Tern c c c c
____  Common Merganser acc     ____  Least Tern u u
____  Ruddy Duck a o a a     ____  Black Skimmer o o
,,,,  ,,,
,,, ,,,
____  Broad-billed Hummingbird acc     ____  Scrub Jay r r r r
____  Black-chinned Hummingbird c c c     ____  Clark's Nutcracker acc
____  Anna's Hummingbird a a a a     ____  American Crow a a a a
____  Costa's Hummingbird o o     ____  Common Raven u u u u
____  Rufous Hummingbird o o ...
____  Allen's Hummingbird c c c c     LARKS
... .....
KINGFISHERS     ____  Horned Lark  o o o c
. ,,,,
____Belted Kingfisher u o u u     MOCKINGBIRDS/THRASHERS
,,,, ,,,,
LOONS/GREBES     ____  Gray Catbird acc
..     ____  Northern Mockingbird a a a a
Red-throated Loon r r     ____  Brown Thrasher acc
Pacific Loon r r     ____  Bendire's Thrasher acc
Common Loon r r     ____  California Thrasher acc
Pied-billed Grebe c c c c ..
Horned Grebe r r NIGHTJARS
Eared Grebe o o u ,,,
Western Grebe o o u     ____  Lesser Nighthawk acc
Clark's Grebe o o u     ____  Common Poorwill acc
... ..
____  House Sparrow a a a a     ____  Common Barn-Owl u u u u
...     ____  Great Horned Owl c c c c
OSPREY/KITES     ____  Burrowing Owl o o o o
HAWKS/FALCONS     ____  Short-eared Owl r r r
____  Osprey o r o o     PIPITS/WAXWINGS/SILKY
____  White-tailed Kite u u u u     FLYCATCHERS/SHRIKES
____  Mississippi  Kite acc ,,,,
____  Northern Harrier o o     ____  American Pipit c c c
____  Sharp-shinned Hawk u u u     ____  Cedar Waxwing c c c
____  Cooper's Hawk u u u     ____  Phainopepla acc
____  Red-shouldered Hawk c c c c     ____  Loggerhead Shrike u u u u
____  Swainson's Hawk acc
____  Red-tailed Hawk c c c c  . PIGEONS/DOVES
____  Ferruginous Hawk acc ...
____  American Kestrel c c c c      ____  Rock Dove a a a a
____  Merlin r r r     ____  Band-tailed Piegeon acc
____  Peregrine Falcon r r r r      ____  Spotted Dove a a a a
...     ____  White-winged Dove;;;  acc
PELICANS/CORMORANTS..         ____  Morning Dove a a a a
    ____  Common Ground Dove... a a a a
____  American white Pelican r  
____  Brown Pelican r     PLOVERS
____  Double-crested Cormorant u u c     ____   Black-bellied Plover c c c
    ____   Semipalmated Plover c c c
RAILS/COOTS     ____   Kildeer c c c c
____  Virginia Rail r r r     SPARROWS
____  Sora u u u     ,,,
____  Common Moorhen u u u     ____  Chipping Sparrow  r o r
____  American Coot a a a a     ____  Clay-colored Sparrow  o
.     ____  Brewer's Sparrow acc
SWIFTS     ____  Field Sparrow  acc
    ____  Black-chinned Sparrow acc
 ____  Black Swift acc ..____  Vesper Sparrow acc
____  Vaux's Swift r r     ____  Lark Sparrow acc
____  White-throated Swift r r r r     ____  Black-throated Sparrow acc
    ____  Savannah Sparrow o o o o
STARLINGS..     ____  Grasshopper Sparrow acc
____  European Starling a a a a     ____  Fox Sparrow u u
    ____  Song Sparrow a a a a
STILTS/AVOCETS/SHOREBIRDS     ____ Lincoln's Sparrow u u u
..     ____ Swamp Sparrow acc
____  Blacknecked Stilt c c c     ____ White-throated Sparrow o o o
____  American Avocet c c c     ____  Harris' Sparrow acc
____  Greater Yellowlegs c c c c     ____   Dark-eyed Junco  u o u u
____  Lesser Yellowlegs o u u o ...
____  ,Solitary Sandpiper r r     SWALLOWS
____  Willet u r u u .
____  Spotted Sandpiper u r u u     ____  Purple Martin o u o
____  Whimbrel u r u u     ____  Tree Swallow o
____  Long-billed Curlew u r u u     ____  Violet-green Swallow c c u r
____  Marbled Godwit u r u u     ____  N. Rough-winged Swallow c c u r
____  Western Sandpiper c r c c     ____  Bank Swallow o
____  Least Sandpiper c r c c     ____  Cliff Swallow c c
____  Pectoral Sandpiper r     ____  Barn Swallow c c u
____  Dunlin u r u u .
____  Short-billed Dowitcher c r c c     TANAGERS/GROSBEAKS 
____  Long Billed Dowitcher c r c c     BUNTINGS/TOWHEES
____  Common Snipe u u u
____  Wilson's Phalarope r o      ____  Summer Tanager o o o
____  Red-necked Phalarope r o     ____  Scarlet Tanager  acc
____  Red Phalarope r     ____ Western Tanager c c o
..     ____  Rose-breasted Grosbeak o
THRUSHES     ____  Black-headed Grosbeak  c o c
.     ____  Blue Grosbeak  o o o
____  Golden-crowned Kinglet o o     ____  Lazuli Bunting c o o
____  Ruby-crowned Kinglet c c c     ____  Indigo Bunting  acc
____  Blue--gray Gnatcatcher u u u     ____  Painted Bunting acc
____  Townsend's Solitaire acc     ____  Dickcessel acc
____  Swainson's Thrush c u     ____  Green-tailed Towhee r
____  Hermit Thrush c c c     ____  Rufours-sided Towhee o o o
____  American Robin c c c c     ____  California Towhee c c c c
____  Varied Thrush o o     .
. ,,
____  White-eyed Vireo  acc       ____  Turkey Vulture c c c c
____  Bell's Vireo r r .
____  Solitary Vireo u u o     WRENS
____  Yellow-throated Vireo acc     ,,
____  Hutton's Vireo u u u u     ____  Bewick's Wren o o
____  Warbling Vireo c o c     ____  House Wren u u c c
____  Philadephia Vireo acc     ____  Winter Wren r
____  Red-eyed Vireo acc     ____  Sedge Wren acc
____  Yellow-green Vireo acc     ____  Marsh Wren u u c c
.. ..
.. ..
____  Blue-winged Warbler acc     ____  Acorn Woodpecker acc
____  Golden-winged Warbler acc     ____  Yellow-bellied Sapsucker acc
____  Tennessee Warbler acc     ____  Red-naped Sapsucker acc
____  Orange-crowned Warbler c u c c     ____  Red-breasted Sapsucker u u u
____  Nashville Warlber c u     ____  Nuttall's Woodpecker o r o o
____  Virginia's Warbler acc     ____  Downy Woodpecker u r u u
____  Lucy's Warbler acc     ____  Hairy Woodpecker acc
____  Northern Parula acc     ____  Northern Flicker c c c
____  Yellow Warbler c c c
____  Chestnut-sided Warbler acc
____ Magnolia Warlber acc
____ Cape May Warbler acc
____ Black-throated Blue Warbler acc
____ Townsend's Warbler c c u
____ Hermit Warbler u u
____ Black-throated Green Warbler acc
____ Blackburnian Warbler acc
____ Prarie Warbler acc
____ Palm Warbler o o
____ Bay-breated Warbler acc
____ Blackpoll Warbler r
____ Black-and-White Warbler o o o
____ American Redstart o
____ Prothonotary Warbler acc
____ Worm-eating Warbler acc
____ Ovenbird acc
____ Northern Waterthrush o
____ Louisiana Waterthrush acc
____ Mourning Warbler acc
____  MacGillvray's Warbler u u
____  Common Yellowthroat a c a a
____  Hooded Warbler acc
____  Wilson's Warbler a a o
____  Canada Warbler acc
____  Painted Redstart acc
____  Yellow-breasted Chat o o
     Central Park    Wetlands