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 Electric Chair is Closed in Downtown HB

At first blush Electric Chair is a bit strange. But when you look at the variety of people who shop at this store, you see grandmothers buying Dickies slacks for their husbands, moms and dads looking for gifts for their teens and alternative trendsetters and Goths out searching for great clothes. Don't forget about the tattoo audience, too. People line up inside the store to go to the electric chair upstairs for body piercing and tattoos.

Located on the far end of the shopping district of Main Street in Huntington Beach in the fourth block, Electric Chair sells shirts, skirts, pants, hats boots, shoes, games, gear, purses, belts, buckles, fishnets and pantyhose, thongs, knee high socks, wristbands, bracelets, watch bands, necklaces, wallets, posters, flight jackets and T-shirts.

Popular items sold are Cardigan w/ Knife through Heart, Cardigan w/ Spider and Cardigan w/ Three Skulls, Rockabilly - Lucky 13/Felon-Womens Hot Red Dress, Zombie and Ramone Stretch Jeans, EC Star dresses, shirt & skirts, Emily jackets, Hustler tank tops, Paperdoll blouses, shirt & skirts, Rockett and Rocksteady clothing lines. Shoes and boots include a huge selection from CREEPERS-TUK, Converse, Demonia, Grinders, Gripfast, Mary Janes and Visions.

Electric Chair music selection includes hundreds of CDs, DVDs and Vinyl. The music genre is mostly Gothic/Industrial/ Noise/SynthPop and Punk/EMO/Indie.

For those who live it and those who want to imitate it in theme parties, Electric Chair is your best bet for out of the ordinary clothing, shoes, music, jewelry and more. Electric Chair has its own parking lot for customers.

Shopping in Huntington Beach