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Dance Performance Huntington Beach - Oktoberfest Old World

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The Beach Cities Cloggers aren't sitting still at Oktoberfest this year. Bringing their red dirndl outfits with the extra lace and flair that defines their American influence both in dress and dance, they are slated to perform at Oktoberfest. Never resting on past laurels, Oktoberfest officials have invited several acts to provide greater diversity to the event and break up the partying into segments where guests can sit down, relax and enjoy the entertainment.


Celebrated by young and old, Oktoberfest is an annual tradition both in German and the United States. In Southern California it is celebrated at Anaheim's Phoenix Club, Torrance's Alpine Village and in Huntington Beach at Old World Village.

The name "clogging" actually came from the Gaelic word "clog" which means "time." Cloggers make rhythmic tapping sounds with their feet in time to music, or even a capella.
The clogging dancers Clogging is an American folk dance similar to tap dancing. The name "clogging" is actually a bit misleading because the dancers don't wear wooden clogs - as you might expect from the name - instead, they wear leather-soled shoes or boots with metal taps on the balls and heels. There are flat taps, and "jingle" taps, which have a second plate mounted to the first to make a louder sound. Most cloggers prefer to wear the jingle taps.

Clogging is a percussive dance that keeps time with the downbeat of the music, whereas most other forms of dance keep time with the upbeat of the music. Cloggers dance to many different styles of music too, including Country-Western, Pop, Rock, and of course, Bluegrass. Clogging often imitates the rhythm of the music it accompanies, although it more often accents and complements the rhythms.

Clogging originated in the Appalachian Mountains of the United States, with the English, Irish, and German settlers, but has been influenced by African Americans, Native Americans, and Gypsies. Clogging is also influenced by many of the European dance forms, as well as Canadian step dancing, hip-hop, and breakdancing. Clogging is really a melting-pot of American heritage in the form of dance. Clogging has evolved from free-style dance form into precision steps where routines are choreographed and recorded. Precision, or modern, clogging differs from free-style clogging in that precision clogging enables all dancers to perform the same steps and head-hand gestures in the same sequence. Both free-style and precision clogging exist today and are performed side-by-side in most arenas.

The main purpose of clogging has always been to join together to celebrate life, friends, and family. Out of these gatherings, friendly competition has also developed. There are clogging competitions, conventions and workshops as well. In fact, workshops are held somewhere every weekend for cloggers, group directors, and anyone who loves to clog. Instructors from around the world teach their original clogging routines at these workshops. Clogging has become so popular that it has spread not only throughout the U.S. and Canada, but also to many countries in Europe, to Australia, and even to Japan!


Oktoberfest is a celebration Huntington Beach, California has enjoyed for several decades. It is an event for mom, dads, teens, college students and even tiny tots and kids. At Oktoberfest, people young and old get out on the dance floor to the Chicken Dance. Lederhosen, dirndl skirts, beer steins, shot girls, wiener-dog races and German food make this celebration a necessary part of locals and tourists' diets.


Now approaching its 28th year in 2005, the annual celebration of the popular German festival season includes a live band direct from Germany that plays traditional German polkas and rock & roll tunes known in the USA.  Bratwurst, German beer, Schnapps, liqueur shots, strudel, sauerkraut and more are served in style at the Old World Restaurant German beer hall during this 6-week event. A German parade and dachshund races kick off the event in Bavarian style. Oktoberfest at Old World has something for everyone. There are pony rides, a petting zoo and children's activities at Kinderfest each Sunday.


Old World Village was designed in the style of an authentic Bavarian Village with homes located in second story quarters above shops and restaurants. There's a church in the village, Huntington Beach Old World Village Church - St. Judas Chaddeus,
that holds a service each week in German. It is quite popular for weddings and can facilitate 120 guests in the chapel. The village includes German delis and bakeries,  a shop with cut crystal collectibles, another shop that sells clocks and steins and an authentic Rathskellar where acts such as Lonnie and his accordion are featured regularly (see calendar of events).


Oktoberfest is held at Old World Village's Old World Restaurant. From the San Diego Freeway (405), exit at Beach Boulevard toward Huntington Beach. Go south to Center Ave. Look for the lit sign and the globe of the the world at the shopping center across the street from Hotel Huntington Beach and Bella Terra (Huntington Beach) Mall. On busy weekends, parking attendants direct the traffic. Wednesday and Thursday nights are less crowded for those who seek a table where they can sit. Otherwise, come early on weekend evenings.


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