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Chicken Dance - Oktoberfest Huntington Beach - Old World Chicken Dance  

Oktoberfest Old World German Restaurant, 7561 Center Ave.,
Huntington Beach, California 92647  Call: (714) 895-8020

Dance with the Chicken in the Chicken Dance at Oktoberfest in Huntington Beach - Old World Village German Restaurant.  The chicken dance is loved by young and old. In the photo above the Chicken Dance would not end. A festive group followed the chicken around the beer hall where the German Polka band served up the traditional tune with guitars, trombone, keyboard, drums, saxophone and some yodeling. The band, direct from Germany, wears lederhosen and speaks English with a German accent. They know and play many rock tunes popular in the USA. 


The Chicken Dance song was composed by a Swiss accordion or Handharmonika player Werner Thomas from Davos, Switzerland in 1950s. The name of the original song was Der Ententanz (The Duck Dance). He played his Duck Dance song in restaurants and people used to dance to the tune in Switzerland. The catchy music caught on and spread and by the end of 1970s it was played all over the world. On some recorded releases of the music Werner Thomas is listed as the composer, while on others credit is given to Thomas/Rendall/Hose. Also called, Vogeltanz, German for Bird Dance, Danse des Canards, French for Chicken Dance, and Dance Little Bird, over 140 versions exist worldwide. In the United States, the publishing rights for the song were acquired by a New York publisher Stanley Mills.

The Chicken Dance is popular in the USA as a German heritage song, and was adopted by the University of Wisconsin Marching Band in Madison, Wisconsin for post-game performances. It is the most popular song at Oktoberfest events and is even played at weddings to create an air of fun.

If you need to get out and exercise in a fun event, come to the Oktoberfest for a night of festive fun with your date, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife or by yourself.



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