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Huntington Beach Oktoberfest - Old World Village


Oktoberfest Old World German Restaurant, 7561 Center Ave.,
Huntington Beach, California 92647  Call: (714) 895-8020

Old World Entertainment - Contortionist Act at Oktoberfest Huntington Beach Oktoberfest 

Entertainment at Old World Village is often a surprise. Last year, for instance, two tiny sisters who drove up in a van became the buzz at Huntington Beach Oktoberfest in Old World Village. The German sisters perform an old-fashioned contortionist act that delights children, entertains adults and is simply amazing. Why' The lady performers who from a distance look like little girls are over 70 but far from over-the-hill.


While many consider themselves old at 50, these bouncy ladies have not let time pass them by.  With energy and professionalism from over 55 years of performing, you can catch their act at Oktoberfest at Old World Village.



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