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Windows Gallery @ Huntington Beach Library Cultural Center

7111 Talbert Avenue, Huntington Beach, California 92647 Call: (714) 847-5973

Windows Gallery at Huntington Beach Library and Cultural Center, founded in 1995, features watercolors, oils, photographs and a variety of mixed media art in a beautiful setting appropriately named "Windows Gallery" for the huge panes of glass that provide open views of Central Park. The paintings and displays reflect onto the windows, offering reflections of the art from various window angles.

This area of the Library is maintained by the Huntington Beach Art League. They hold monthly featured artists lectures and meetings at Michael E. Rodgers Senior Center in Huntington Beach. Formed in 1962, the foundation of the Art League today. The League has been, from the beginning, an integral part of the cultural activities of the community, as well as contributing to city drives and fund-raisers.

In 1990 a scholarship was established in the Huntington Beach Art League founder's name.  "Rheta Gillette" scholarship is awarded to a promising young artist in the community. It now includes seven awards presented to Golden West College and five local high schools.

In 1995 the League acquired space in the Huntington Beach Central Library and Cultural Center for WINDOWS, a large and beautiful gallery. This gallery belongs to the members of the League, and is becoming well-known for its professional-quality art at reasonable prices.

In 1996 the Huntington Beach Art League merged with Arts Associates, another local art group. This merger increased the membership and added another gallery, The Artists' Corner, also located in the Huntington Beach Central Library. Since that time, the combined groups have grown and prospered into becoming the leading Art League in Orange County, with approximately 200 members.

Those founding members of 1962 began the Huntington Beach Art League with high hopes and great dreams. They would be proud of what it has become

Once the reading area where magazines and periodicals were offered, the popularity of local artwork and its enhancement to the open spaces of Central Library brought the works out of the Artist's Corner, where typically a single artist or several rent the space for one month and are allowed to showcase their creative efforts, hold artists' receptions and place prices on the works for public sales.

Central Library and Cultural Center was designed by famed architectural father-son team of the Neutras. When the father passed away, his son carried out the project which was designed to highlight its surroundings and blend with the natural elements of Central Park.  Many of the window views in the Library provide serene landscapes of large, flowing waterfalls and fountains framed by huge, graceful green trees.  The views provided are so beautiful, they look like pieces of art.

To maintain the lovely grounds of Central Park, the Huntington Beach Tree Society has place a donation meter outside the Library. The Society also offers opportunities for commemorative tree plantings on the grounds of the park.

As for the art, the collection of original pieces has grown in the Library to include several children's themed sculptures outside the Children's Wing.  Be sure to take a look as you enter the Library at two sculptures, one by Pastorius, and one called Lady by Margaret Owings.